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Sub Committee Members

Mrs P Pattinson (Chairman), Mr P Cook (Vice Chairman), Mrs J Griffin, Mr N Hollings, Mr S Richardson (Executive Members of Council) are automatically members of all Sub-Committees except the Judges Enquiry Committee.

Executive Committee

Mr P Cook Mrs P Pattinson
Mrs J Griffin Mr L H Pole, FCA
Mr N Hollings Mr S Richardson

Judges Enquiry

Mr L H Pole, FCA (Chairman) Mrs P Hales
Mr A Asplin, JP (Vice Chairman) Mrs C Newton
Mr E Bunn Mr T Wiggett
Mrs J Nixon

Judges Enquiry Appeals

M. B Williams (Chairman) Mr J Peacock
Mr C Brooks Mr S Richardson
Mr F Gunnill

Championship Show Committee

Mrs P Pattinson (National Chairman) Mr L H Pole (Treasurer)
Mr J Hall (Course Director) Mrs P Monaghan (Health & Safety)
Mr P Hilton (Vice Chairman & Chairman of Chef de Equipe Committee) Mrs S Thomas
Mr M Hall (Show Director) Mr D Larner (Director of Contracts & Showground)
Mr A Rothwell (Assistant Show Director)

Winter Shows & Championship Committee

Mrs P Monaghan (Health & Safety) Mrs J Griffin (Chairman)
Mr A Rothwell (Health & Safety) Mr S Richardson (Vice Chairman)
Mr P Hilton (Show Director) Mr J Hall
Mr T Lucas

Heritage Committee

Mr P Emmerson (Chairman) Mr J Hall
Mrs J Pybus Mrs J Griffin (Vice Chairman)
Mrs P Monaghan Mrs S Thomas (Show Director)
Mrs D Christie Mr P Hilton

Olympia Committee

Mr S Richardson (Chairman) Mrs J Griffin
Mr P Emmerson Mrs P Pattinson
Mr P Cook Mr P Hilton
Mr N Hollings (Liaison Officer)

Ball, Entertainment, Forums and Fundraising

Mrs S Thomas (Organiser) Mrs P Monaghan
Mrs J Cook Mrs M Ludlow

Assessment & Conference Committee

Mr P Cook (Chairman) Mrs J Pybus (Vice Chairman)
Mrs S Thomas Mr P Hilton
Mrs P Baker-Beall Mrs P Monaghan
Mrs D Christie (Young Judges Organiser) Mr P Emmerson
Mr R James

Sub Committee of Additional Assessors

Mrs S Rawding Mrs J McInnes
Mrs A Colles Mrs Jamie Mead
Mr J Hall Mrs J Bushell
Mr S Somers Mr J Cochrane
Mrs K Jerram Mr R Walker

B.H.S. Training

Mr P Emmerson Mrs J Griffin
Mrs Chris Doran Mrs P Hollings
Mrs J Pybus

Qualifying Shows Co-Ordinator

Mr S Richardson

Dope Testing Stewards

Mrs D Christie (Chairman) Mr M Hall Mrs P Baker-Beall
Mr F Gunnill Mrs P Monaghan

Mid Summer Show Committee

Mrs P Baker-Beall (Chairman) Mrs S Thomas (Vice Chairman, Show Director)
Mr P Hilton Mr J Hall
Mr A Rothwell Mrs P Monaghan

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