Council Members

The Council of the British Show Pony Society is made up of 12 elected members of Council, who are elected by the members at the beginning of the year and hold office for a three year term, after which, they must stand for re-election if they wish to remain on the Council.

In addition to the elected members of Council, there is also the Chairman of the Scottish Branch, the Honorary Treasurer and our Executive Officer, Mrs Karen Toynton Ward.

  • Mrs Pat Pattinson

    BSPS President and Honorary Life Member of Council
    Having ridden for many years I enjoyed supporting daughter Helen through a variety of BSPS classes. As a Headmistress and Magistrate I hope to have developed personal and professional skills that enable me to be an effective panel judge, a team player on all committees and to head up the Society; a huge honour and priviledge.
  • Mr Paul Cook

    National Chairman
    Paul Cook is a life member of the BSPS and has been involved with horses all his life. He is on all the major judging panels and has a real passion for Hunting and Mountain and Moreland Ponies and is committed to ensuring that the BSPS safeguard the heritage of our wonderful native breeds.
  • Mr Nigel Hollings

    Council Member
    Nigel has been a Council Member since 1986 ,has trained many champions including the Supreme Ridden at both the HOYS and RIHS and is on ten different Judging panels .He has officiated at the HOYS /RIHS on many occasions and appointments have taken him all over the world. Nigel is currently Chairman of the BSHA and Disciplinary Chairman of CHAPS.
  • Mr Simon Richardson

    I have now been an elected member of Council for over ten years. Many of you know me as a commentator at shows up and down the country as well as at our three Championship shows. I am Vice Chairman (Winter Champs) and Chairman of the Qualifying Shows Committee.
  • Mrs Dawn Christie

    Executive Member of Council
    A member of the BSPS for 26 years, past Chairman of Area 17 and Chairman of Area Chairman, I’m now Dope Testing Steward. A starred judge for SP & SHP, Chief Steward at all the Championship shows, on various committees, also a mum, wife, and Interior Designer but not necessarily in that order!
  • Mrs Helen Outram

    Council Member & Scottish Branch Chairman
  • Mr Philip Hilton

    Council Member
    I am a Lincolnshire farmers son who has been surrounded by livestock of all shapes and sizes from day one. Breeding children meant a temporary halt to breeding horses but also an introduction to ridden pony showing, something that has become a large part of my life. I was privileged to join council in 2005 & enjoy every minute of it.
  • Mrs Sharon Thomas

    Executive Member of Council
    A Council member for over 5 years, I serve as Show Director for the Heritage Show, also a member of the Summer and Winter Championship Show Committees. I sit on the Judges Assessment Committee and am Chairman of the Entertainments and Midsummer Show. Being a starred Judge on all panels and Chief Steward at some of our Championship Shows. I know the importance of providing competitors with the highest standards of integrity and fairness
  • Mrs Joanne Pybus

    Vice Chairman & Chairman of Area Chairmen
    As an Area Chairman and Chairman of Area Chairmen, Vice Chairman Judges Assessment, Chef D'Equipe and Starred Panel judge of horses and ponies and Mum of 3 I have been involved with the BSPS for over 30 years. I very much look forward to supporting the BSPS in any way I possibly can.
  • Mr Peter Emmerson

    Council Member
    BSPS starred Judge for SP and SHP Classes. Long term member of the BSPS and BSPS 3A Vice Chairman for many years. Actively competing in showing during this time. My aim is to keep the BSPS at the forefront of showing for the benefit of the members.
  • Mr Edward Young

    Council Member
  • Mrs Pip Baker-Beall

    Mrs Pip Baker-Beall is our new President for 2020. Pip has been a long standing Area Committee Member and then Past Council member, Judge and well known owner of profilic winning ponies over many years.
  • Mrs Pam Prickett

    Council Member
  • Mr Adrian Beaumont

    Council Member
    Worked in international horseracing for over 40 years. Competed successfully on my heavyweight cob, Butler, including at HOYS. Chairman of BSPS Area 16 and father of Sophie Beaumont who has competed successfully from LR to Intermediates. Looking forward to giving back to the BSPS for all the fun we have had showing as a family.
  • Mr Chris Yates

    BSPS Council Member
    Lifelong involvement with ponies and horses having previously competed BSJA [BS] and hunted. Current Chairman of Area 15 and previously Chair of Area Chairmen and Area 13A. Panel judge for several Societies and sponsor of intermediate classes at RI for over 20 years. Current sponsor of young judges competition at BSPS Summer Champs.

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