BSPS Young Judges Training & Competition

The prestigious Young Judges competition held annually at the Summer Championships is unique to the British Show Pony Society.

It consists of a team & individual competition and many of the competitors who attend the training sessions often apply for assessment for adult judging panel when they reach the age of 25.

Individual BSPS Areas offer training sessions usually attended by a starred judge. The Tuition is given at both private and producer’s yards in various parts of the country. There is a separate Heritage Individual Young Judges Competition held every year.

Training can be attended by BSPS members of any age, however the competition is only open to those who are 14- 21 years of age for the team, which consists of three members and 18-24 for the individual competition.

Many of our trainee young judges have passed the adult assessment and are now very competent individuals on the Judging Panels of various societies. Please visit the Areas page for more information and contact details for the Area in which you live.

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